#085″Donut Touch My Food”
April 30, 2021 in Featured Post

Clothing ♥︎[AB] Ruby Dress LEGACY Navy @Biggirl Event (Sponsored) Accessories & Makeup ♥︎IVES - Glossiana Lipgloss - @Grand event (Sponsored) ♥︎ Blaque Republic: Pearl Drip Earrings (Sponsored) ♥︎MVT - Spring donut with chopstick @Equal10 (Sponsored) ♥︎ MVT - Spring donut to go @Equal10 (Sponsored) ♥︎Blaque Republic: Balance Nose Cuff (Sponsored) ♥︎.bunnyboo. angel aesthetic LEGACY Hair [...]

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#084″Stepping out”
April 24, 2021 in Featured Post

Clothing ♥︎TETRA - Valerie Blazer - Legacy (Sponsored) ♥︎SCANDALIZE.Dhonna PANTS. LEGACY (Sponsored) Accessories & Makeup ♥︎ MOVEMENT - Bag Attitude @Fameshed (Sponsored) ♥︎IVES - Peony Lipgloss @Access (Sponsored) ♥︎Rosary. Spring Forward . Gift (Sponsored) ♥︎[POM] Self Paid Necklace @Thirsty event ♥︎ Blaque Republic- I Love Me - Mixed (Sponsored) ♥︎= DAE = Snake X shines ring [...]

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